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Installation Meter integrated Module

Smart Metering

With our technique any commercially available meter can be used for Smart Metering and advanced meter reading (AMR). The meter itself does not need to store any complex data. The intelligence lies in the BPL System on the grid and remote meter reading by means of bidirectional data transmission in real-time. Energy consumption data is collected in short intervals to build up an accurate picture of the energy requirements.

This paves the way for variable tariffs that can change, for example, every hour, depending on availability of renewables in the grid.

The data is encrypted and sent to the utility where it is stored under the strictest security provisions in order to maintain the highest level of data protection. The customer’s data can be retrieved at any time via a customer portal by means of a secure internet connection thus developing a strong consumer confidence.

Meter integrated Modules


We offer small BPL modules designed to fit into standard meters – independent of the meter manufacturer – enabling future proof metering in real time. With BPL inside, meters automatically become part of a Smart Grid and meter data is immediately available in the backend systems. Prepayment or remote disconnect functionality can easily be implemented. Our BPL enables Smart Metering with open interfaces to accounting and billing systems.

The integration of short-range wireless interfaces such as Wireless-M-Bus or Zigbee in our Smart Metering Gateway enables swift set-up of area-wide Smart Metering solutions. Real-time access to meter data can enable the customer to monitor their consumption via IP-based portals.

BPL Module for Landis+Gyr E350

Landis+Gyr smart meters are built with data-driven applications in mind to offer maximum flexibility for future market requirements.

PPC‘s BPL module for the Landis+Gyr E350 connects the meter directly to a BPL communications channel for real-time, bi-direc tional data transfer.

Optional interfaces allow the integration of other metering systems:

  • Ethernet
  • Wireless MBus
  • RS485

BPL Module for Elster

The BPL MCM 4E is a BPL module especially shaped for Elster AS3000 and AS220 electricity meters.

It is made to fit into Elster’s standard communications module casing. The direct connected meter.

Communications modules enable the AS3000 to meet current and future market requirements for smart meter applications.

BPL Module for EasyMeter

With the PPC EasyMeter BPL Gateway, each EasyMeter Q3 series becomes a BPL gateway in PPC‘s Broadband Powerline System.

Optional interfaces allow the integration of other metering systems:

  • Ethernet
  • Wireless MBus
  • RS485

You want a BPL module for another meter?

We develop individual solutions for all common meters.