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Data transfer via mobile communication

We enable fast and secure data transmission via public and, in the future, private mobile radio networks in the smart grid. We use the latest standards and technologies to enable smart M2M communication in the Internet of Things.

Public wireless networks

Instead of establishing new networks and infrastructures for M2M communication in the smart grid, the existing public mobile network can be used. Our Gateways can communicate data via GPRS or LTE frequencies.

Cooperation with leading network operators

Thanks to cooperations with major mobile network operators, such as Vodafone, Telekom and Telefònica, our devices can be operated in the entire public mobile network.


The widespread communications infrastructure of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is almost everywhere available worldwide and is continuously maintained. Data transmission via GPRS is therefore convenient and is proven for simple metering processes.

GPRS has a larger data volume than GSM, but the performance is lower, with available transmission rates of approximately 50 kbit/s compared to UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G). Large data volumes will be transmitted more slowly.

LTE (4G)

Due to the high transmission rates, LTE (Long Term Evolution) of the 4th generation is ideally suited for data transmission in the Smart Grid, e.g. For time-critical control commands. LTE (4G) has flexible frequency bands, is powerful and optimised in terms of latencies compared to UMTS (3G). This provides LTE with new possibilities for transmission in real-time and prioritisation of data transmission in the network.

From IPv4 to IPv6

PPC is the first provider of Gateways that use the IPv6 internet protocol in the mobile network. Using IPv6 instead of IPv4, the rollout is considerably simplified:

  • The devices can be assigned globally unique addresses (GUA)
  • With SLAAC, IPv6 offers an address-to-address solution that eliminates the Single Point of Failure (DHCP) server

Want to learn more about the benefits of IPv6 and how to use IPv6?

Hybrid solutions: BPL supplements mobile communications

Smart Metering and Smart Grids only fulfill their purpose if they can transfer data securely and quickly. Due to poor accessibility e.g. devices in the cellar or complex high rise environments, mobile radio is not always the best solution for data transmission.

To counteract this problem, PPC offers hybrid meshed BPL-LTE solutions, with BPL technology complementing mobile communications efficiently to achieve optimal data transmission.

Poor accessibility of meters in the cellar

A study by Telefónica has shown that only about 75% of the electricity and gas meters (in Germany) can be reached via mobile radio.