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Data transfer with
Broadband Powerline communications

In order to build a robust Smart Grid, it is essential to have an efficient communications infrastructure, which enables data transmission in real-time, provides scalability for new applications, is efficient and much more. PPC’s broadband powerline technology is the ideal solution for Smart Grids.

Broadband powerline: putting the “smart” into smart grid

For Smart Metering and Smart Grids to become a reality, a powerful communications platform which is able to transport key energy data in real-time is essential. It needs to be IP-based and broadband and offer secure encryption.

Our Broadband Powerline (BPL) technology fulfils these requirements and more by transporting data directly over the existing power grid. Not only is BPL the optimal solution but, with no monthly fees and no third-party dependency, it is one of the most cost-efficient solutions available.

Our solution turns low (230-400V) and medium voltage networks (1-36kV) into efficient broadband communications infrastructures. Modern encryption algorithms and authentication methods offer maximum security for transporting the data, ensuring maximum data protection.

We use tried and tested data transfer standards from the field of telecommunications, guaranteeing flexibility and future reliability.

The advantages of our BPL system

Standardized: Our BPL system uses the IEEE 1901 FFT Access Standard.

Efficient and fast: High performance with 200 Mbps standard and real-time data transmission (up to 30Mbps net bandwidth on MV networks and up to 3Mbps net bandwidth on LV grids).

Open and scalable: TCP/IP based communication with open interfaces – independent of individual manufacturers and scalable for Smart Grid applications.

Highly Secure Data Encryption: Data is encrypted at all times via “end-to-end encryption” and protected with standards.

Fast installation process with common tools and without on-site configuration.

Cost efficient: No need for the installation of additional communications channels – BPL is available everywhere that Smart Grid applications are needed.

Network Management System: Detailed monitoring and analysis of each BPL connection.

Automatic adaptation to the network through dynamic routing, repeating and meshed net technology.

Optimal connection quality and great flexibility through dynamic routing and smart repeating.

Our BPL products

Experience – guaranteeing a secure future

We have made significant advancements in the development of Broadband Powerline (BPL) Communications technology for Smart Grids and have successfully established the largest BPL networks worldwide to date.

Today, our BPL systems can be found in Smart Grids throughout Europe and the Middle East.