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for the Internet of Things

Information and data transmitted via applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) can be highly sensitive. Secure communications are indispensable.
As a leader in data security platforms, PPC offers the ideal infrastructure for secure services and applications.

Efficient ICT – the key to Big Data challenges

With the Smart Metering roll out and the increase in Smart Grid applications, utilities and energy network operators are now looking at a range of technologies to help them tackle the challenge of data collection, device control and demand management.
Until recently, meter reading was carried out once a month at most. The smart homes and smart grids of the future will be far more demanding with vast amounts of data generated and distributed.
Finding the right communications solutions to deal with this data is vital to the future of smart grids. A highly efficient ICT infrastructure meets the challenges of Big Data and opens new possibilities for future business models. The smartest utilities and DNOs are rising to this challenge, as are new players in the market.

For this reason, ICT technologies of the future need:

  • to offer two-way, real-time, secure data transmission
  • to be available and accessible in the right places (e.g. basement or substation)
  • to accommodate distributed devices and future applications
  • to communicate with private customers (e.g. variable tariffs or billing)
  • to offer network supervision and control (SCADA)
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Broadband Powerline

Broadband Powerline combines the advantages of classical powerline technology with modern telecommunication.

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Communication via LTE, GPRS and CDMA 450 allow fast data transmission and low latencies.

Smart Grids

Renewable energy sources and bi-directional energy flows are demanding more complex grid management and grid balancing technologies. Advanced communication technologies not only help grid management, but also create opportunities for entirely new business models and innovative customer services.

With energy and environmental objectives paving the way for a complete transformation of our energy supply, we see a clear movement in the direction of distributed, renewable energy sources and electric vehicles.

The variable nature of renewable energy sources demands more sophisticated grid management and grid balancing technologies. In order to preserve the security of supply that we have become so accustomed to, it is necessary to ensure that a balance between the electricity supply and its consumption is successfully maintained.

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Smart Metering

With our technique any commercially available meter can be used for Smart Metering and advanced meter reading (AMR). Data communications are the cornerstone of advanced metering and meter reading. Collecting data in real time is just the beginning. Emerging challenges such as bi-directional energy flow, data security and tariff regulations demand highly sophisticated new data technologies.