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Heidelberg Bahnstadt

Stadtwerke Heidelberg & Trianel

Project Heidelberg Bahnstadt

With a 115 Hectare retired rail freight facility at its disposal, the city of Heidelberg decided to build an entirely new suburb from the ground up, to be called the Bahnstadt.

The city set out to design a near zero emission infrastructure based on
Passive House priciples, where buildings are designed to consume as little energy as possible. Well ahead of Germany’s smart meter roll out, the city’s utility operation Stadwerke Heidelberg (SWH) installed smart meters as standard in all the properties, regardless of the customers’ choice of energy provider, and at no extra cost.

Project details

Heidelberg (Germany)

New city district with passive house standard, costs must be kept low, mobile radio communication does not work.


Smart metering with BPL in the low-voltage network with BPL headends in the transformer stations, BPL gateways in the houses and the use of our Network Management System

Stadtwerke Heidelberg

The Stadtwerke Heidelberg are a regional energy supplier and the city’s utility operation.  With a turnover of 257.5 million euros and about 1120 employees, the company is one of the largest employers in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Bahnstadt won the Passive House Award.

Energy savings from the ground up

The task of reading the Bahnstadt’s smart meters, so as to measure the energy-efficiency of the Passive House buildings, was given to Trianel.

When planning the communications infrastructure for this metering network, Stadtwerke Heidelberg and Trianel chose PPC‘s Broadband Powerline (BPL) communications technology over GPRS and Narrowband PLC alternatives.

Narrowband PLC could have been used, but it does not meet Germany’s strict meter data security protocols, and also does not support real time data transfer. The availability of real time data supports Stadtwerke Heidelberg’s vision to create new and interesting services for its customers in future.

PPC installed gateways in five electricity substations to form a meshed network of communications connected to a backbone through which data is collected and sent to PPC’s Network Management System (NMS). Initial tests showed a 100% reliable flow of data from the individual buildings to Trianel’s meter reading systems immediately after installation.

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About Trianel

As the largest European cooperation with over 100 partners and partners, Trianel offers a wide range of innovative and innovative concepts along the entire value chain. The spectrum of activities ranges from energy generation in highly efficient power plants through energy trading with its own trading floor to the development of a wide range of procurement and distribution solutions.