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Shaping the future - with SINTEG

Solar panels on the roofs, the wind turbines in the fields – these images are nothing unusual in Germany. But the vision of ​major energy supplies from renewables cannot be realised without complications and challenges! PPC and its partners are aiming to find solutions to these complications within the funding programme „Schaufenster intelligente Energie – Digitale Agenda für die Energiewende“ (SINTEG) of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

PPC is actively involved in two of the five projects (C/sells and Enera) in the areas of security, innovation, Broadband Powerline and Smart Meter Gateways.

In this programme, PPC and the other participants test the difficulties posed by an environmentally friendly energy supply contributing high proportions of fluctuating electricity generation from wind and solar energy.

The solutions found in the projects are to be deployed on a large scale throughout Germany, thus ensuring long-term, climate-friendly, safe and efficient energy supply.

PPC’s expertise in the field of communication technologies for smart grids is very useful here, because the focus of the programme is on smart grids. Through modern information and communication technologies, these will provide stability and improved interactions between power generation, consumption, storage and networks 

The BMWI and private investors have put together a budget of €500m – a strong sign of the importance of the “Energiewende“, the transformation of the German energy market.