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Siemens & Kahramaa

Smart Grid in Doha in Cooperation with Siemens

Modern Middle Eastern cities use a lot of water, for everyday cooking and hygiene and above all to support massive demand for air-conditioning. To manage this huge throughput of water Doha, one of the fastest growing cities in the region, the utility Kahramaa needed an army of meter readers to perform monthly readings.

With its population soaring as fast as its dozens of new skyscrapers, the city’s utility Kahramaa knew that they could not cope indefinitely with the ever-increasing workload.

Project details

Doha (Qatar)

Modernise the city’s metering systems to meet massive population and infrastructure growth manual meter readings no longer viable


BPL Meshed network connecting 800 MV/LV substations, connecting more than 88,000 households and 17,000 water meters to be read remotely via a Network Management System

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa)

Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation) was established in July 2000 to regulate and maintain the supply of electricity and water for the population of Qatar. Since inception, Kahramaa has operated as an independent corporation on a commercial basis with a total capital of eight billion Qatari riyals. Kahramaa is the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator for the electricity and water sector in Qatar.

“We have used Broadband Powerline Communication as the backhaul communication infrastructure in this project. This is a very significant milestone for us and the customer”

Junaid Mohammed, Project Manager for Siemens


Improvement of load management

Their vision was for an automated metering system where readings could be collected at the touch of a button, a turnkey solution which they ordered from Siemens Infrastructure & Cities in a project worth ten million euros.
Because of Doha’s rapid growth (predicted to rise to as much as 15% per year) and 200-year history, mapping the metrical network was a challenging exercise. Meters could be either embedded in the garden wall of a small family home or high on the roof of one of the 50 new towers built in the last decade.

To build a communications infrastructure for this unique and varied network, a specialist solution was needed that could:

  • Survive the harsh conditions
  • Reach meters in many and varied locations
  • Keep the need for new infrastructure to a minimum


Staying Cool

In a city where air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury, no customer wants to face a power outage for any length of time, so PPC installed the BPL infrastructure in a series of looped networks, so that no planned outages were needed during the installation.

The Broadband Powerline installation forms part of Siemens’ citywide installation of 28,000 smart power and water meters. Overall an estimated 100,000 measurement points will be available to Kahramaa’s AMR system.

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Project partner Siemens

Siemens is delivering a smart metering solution worth more than € 10 million to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa). Data transmission is implemented via PPC’s broadband powerline technology. It extends the existing fiber-optic network and connects 800 medium-voltage stations as well as the low-voltage network behind them.