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How Broadband Powerline and ripple control are contributing to a successful Swiss Smart Gid

rhiienergie introduces its ‘smart energy city’

rhiienergie decided to install a Smart Grid in Rhäzüns, a Swiss community in the canton of Grisons. For this, 450 households use EasyMeter Q3S meters in combination with PPC’s Broadband Powerline (BPL) Gateways. PPC’s BPL System underpins data communication throughout the Smart Grid.

Our Partner Swistec’s solution delivers remote meter reading via a single communication medium, as well the possibility to switch ripple control receivers, such as boilers and street lighting. For this purpose, RKS+ and SRvario+, a state-of-the-art ripple-control receiver, are applied.

Project details

Rhäzüns (Switzerland)

Renewal of outdated ripple control system


BPL Gateway for EasyMeter: Remote meter reading and switching of ripple control receivers over a single medium of communication

rhiienergie AG

rhiienergie is a regionally based utility and employs ca. 20 employees. It was founded in 1906 to supply the region with electrical energy while preserving environmental and energy policies. As the third largest solar power producer in Grisons, rhiienergie offers a wide range of green electricity products to 7,000 customers from Domat/ Ems, Felsberg, Bonaduz, Rhäzüns and Tamins. rhiienergie lives its slogan “regional sustainability” by offering innovative support programs for energy efficiency and renewable energy, individual energy saving and services in the fields of electric mobility and photovoltaic (www.hello-future.ch).

“Broadband Powerline Communication … is the only system which provides the necessary availability and can reliably transfer future vast amounts of data,”

Theo Joos
Managing Director, rhiienergie
Source: Adrian Michael
Source: Adrian Michael

Swistec Systems AG

Swistec Systems’  ripple control technology has been installed by utilities worldwide. A wide range of products and services supports customers, enabling them to fully concentrate on their core business. Swistec Systems is founded by professionals with years of experience and profound knowledge in the fields of audio-frequency ripple control and load management.

Today, Swistec has 20 employees, comprising many years of experience in ripple control technology. This ensures continuous and reliable service, which contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

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