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Smart Operator Anwendungen

Innogy Smart Operator

How do you incorporate renewables and maintain grid stability?

Wincheringen on the Mosel is one of three communities involved in the ‘Smart Operator’ pilot project, running since 2012. The “Smart Operator” coordinates the interaction by controlling the balance between supply and consumption. Installed in the local network substation, the device evaluates the aggregated household consumption values, and using this information, controls the voltage-regulated distribution transformers and switching points.

Project details

Landkreis Trier-Saarburg (Germany)

Ensuring supply and voltage quality using renewable energies.


Smart Grid with PPCs Broadband Powerline Technology

Innogy SE

Innogy SE is a subsidiary of the German energy company RWE. The company was created on 1 April 2016, by splitting the renewable, network and retail businesses of RWE into a separate entity.

RWE is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies. Through their expertise electricity generation from gas, coal, nuclear and renewables; energy trading as well as electricity and gas distribution and sales; they are active at all stages of the energy value chain. Around 59,000 employees supply over 16 million electricity customers and nearly eight million gas customers with energy. In fiscal 2014, they recorded €48,5 billion in revenue.

“By choosing Broadband Powerline Communications, we can avoid the expensive construction of communications networks on the low voltage grid.”

Project Manager Stefan Willing, RWE AG Germany

Compensation of supply and consumption

Switching over to a cleaner energy system requires more than simply installing renewable energy generators. One of the key challenges is to compensate for fluctuations in solar and wind power production, so that all homes have reliable access to energy whenever it is needed.
With the “Smart Operator” project, Innogy (then RWE Deutschland Group) aimed to make a key contribution to resolving this challenge.
Wincheringen on the Mosel is one of three communities involved in the ‘Smart Operator’ pilot project which has been running since 2012. PPC was commissioned with the installation of the Broadband Powerline communications system.
At the centre of the test project is a control box, which is smaller than a shoe box. The “Smart Operator” is fitted to substations in the test region and acts as a link between the homes and the local grid. It monitors the status of the grid and the flow of electricity, as well as helping to ensure stability.

Dr. Arndt Neuhaus (RWE), Landrat Günther Schartz, Dr. Jürgen Grönner (Westnetz GmbH), Wirtschaftsministerin Eveline Lemke, Ortsbürgermeister Elmar Schömann, Ingo Schönberg (PPC), Dr. Gunter Schädlich (Hoppecke) and Dr. Harald Schrimpf (PSI).

Ulrich Dirkmann (RWE), Ingo Schönberg (PPC), Dr. Armin Gaul (RWE).

Andreas Bach from Westnetz GmbH with PPC’s project manager Roger Schneider.