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Csells Vernetzte IoT-Welt
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The ‘C/sells’ showcase spans the southern German states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse. The focus is on solar energy and a regional optimization of energy production and consumption in largely autonomous cells. These cells can represent entire distribution grids, but also individual sites such as airports. For the success of this project a functioning communication between all components of a cell and between the cells is necessary. Here PPC’s experience in communication technology is of benefit. Creating a cellular energy system shall demonstrate how safe, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and robust energy infrastructure can be installed.

Main tasks of PPC in the C/sells project

  • Development of an infrastructure information system as a central communication and data platform (among others, flexibility catalogs)
  • Development of an IPv6 infrastructure
  • Integration of new services into IIS
  • Conception and implementation of security architectures for a critical infrastructure
  • Establishment of a CLS management system

On 3 February 2017 the C/sells kick-off took place in the facilities of PPC: