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Our Smart Grid Projects

Smart grids are the future. In our modern and intelligent world it is necessary to expand networks and develop solutions for the integration of decentralised energy gerneration, load management and network monitoring. Today, we have already carried out various projects for the expansion and further development of the smart grid.

Our Broadband Powerline is an intelligent and bi-directional communication and is the key technology when integrating decentralised generation.

  • Real-time data transfer allows utilities to identify and react to peaks, harmonics and over voltage as soon as they occur.
  • All components and participants, from energy production, to distribution to consumption are intelligently linked in real-time, allowing grid operators and energy suppliers to understand and manage the energy supply to consumers.
  • BPL is available exactly where the inverter is installed as inverters are connected to the grid.
  • BPL is IP-based meaning it is possible to integrate other applications at a later date.

Take a look at our reference projects: