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Network Management System

Our Network Management System (NMS) enables fast and easy monitoring and administration of BPL systems.

NMS Monitor

Easy control and monitoring

The NMS provides all necessary information and configuration options for the set-up, extension and operation of BPL networks. As central platform for continuous monitoring and management of BPL systems and components it provides optimal support for all areas of a BPL network:

  • Convenient and easy monitoring and control of low and medium voltage BPL networks
  • Backbone monitoring
  • Clear visualization of network topology and connection quality
  • Access to devices and network settings in real-time
  • Link analysis via the Web Browser
  • Update functionalities
  • Image of the current network topology

The advantages of our NMS

Easy monitoring and control
of BPL networks
Guaranteed data security thanks to end-to-end encryption and HTTPS


High security through encryption
with SNMPv3


Multi-level roles and authorization concept


Platform independent with web-based user interfaces


Decentralized, platform-independent architecture