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Coupler solutions for medium voltage

On medium voltage power lines Broadband Powerline (BPL) Communications offer a cost-effective platforms for smart grid. Essential component of the Broadband Powerline network on medium voltage level is the coupler unity which transfers the BPL signal of the BPL modem on overhead power lines.

BPL on medium voltage overhead lines

Until recently, powerline communications on overhead lines was limited to narrow (PLC) bandwidths, only capable of intermittent data transmissions. PPC has developed an outdoor IP67 coupling solution that enables continuous broadband data transfer; bi-directional and in real time on overhead lines of 12kV and 24kV.

Built to withstand the rough conditions of the overhead network, the MV coupling solution is deployed in the field already in three countries achieving broadband data transfer distances many times further than was previously possible, up to 4km, and even further with repeating.

BPL on underground cables

PPC’s capacitive couplers have been developed for the transmission of broadband signals over 12 kV and 24 kV networks, connecting the electricity grid with BPL modems.

Their compact design makes them ideal for use underground, in compact gas and air-insulated switchgears and in substations where space is limited.