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BPL modems

Our broadband powerline (BPL) system makes the power grid an effective and secure communication platform for all distribution network applications. The system in no way influences the operational operation of the power grid. Dynamic switching between the different devices always ensures optimum connection quality, even during switching processes in the distribution network.

Basic BPL modem 4N

The Basic BPL modem 4N has an operating voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz for installation in transformer stations and street cabinets (overvoltage category IV).
  • Compact and cost-optimised design
  • Easy to install
  • The housing is very light and dustproof

Sensor BPL modem 4NQ

4Nq Netzanalyse

Added to the features of the 4N basic BPL modem; the Sensor BPL modem 4NQ has integrated voltage sensors for all three phases. This enables continuous voltage measurement, with which network conditions can be continuously recorded and analysed.

  • Enables continuous measurement for all three phases:
    • Voltage
    • Phase angle (between voltages)
    • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)

LTE BPL headend 4R

LTE BPL Headend Web
The LTE BPL Headend 4R is a cost-effective two-in-one solution for connecting BPL cells to LTE networks.
  • Easy to install
  • Backbone in the street cabinet
  • Integrated antenna
  • IPv6 support

Rugged BPL modem 4B

Rugged BPL modems are designed for the tough conditions of low voltage and medium voltage distribution networks (overvoltage category IV) and for live line installation. Optional Ethernet (RJ45) and BNC interfaces enable the connection of a backbone, or medium voltage couplers, as well as remote terminal units (RTUs) or other measurement and control devices.

Rugged BPL modem 4J

BPL Modem 4J

The 4J Rugged BPL modem with DIN-rail housing allows broadband data transmission over low voltage networks, in accordance with the IEEE1901 FFT OFDM Access standard profile. The modems are intended for installation in the distribution network and in transformer stations (Over Voltage Category IV).

  • Particularly robust thanks to metal housing
  • Immune to electromagnetic radiation according to EN 61850-3
  • Separate connections for power supply and BPL signal coupling
  • A backbone connection can be created via the LAN interface

DC BPL modem

Our direct current BPL modems are designed for data transfer over medium voltage grids, for substation monitoring, and substation automation.

Compact BPL modem

Compact BPL modems in DIN rail casings for installation in meter cabinets (Over Voltage Category III) for smart metering.
Integrated Ethernet, RS-485, Wireless-M-Bus or ZigBee interfaces can connect meters of all types, from all manufacturers.

Connection kits for low voltage

Our connection kits allow direct, time-saving connection to the  low voltage network. With a variety of configurations, these connectors offer the right solution for every installation scenario.


Coupler solutions for medium voltage

The coupler transfers the signal from modems in the low voltage BPL network to overhead power lines, to transmit data over the medium voltage network.