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Our BPL communications products

PPC’s Broadband Powerline (BPL) system is adapted to meet the operating standards and network operations of the energy provider whilst maintaining full operation of the power grid. Dynamic switching between the various devices ensures optimal connection quality at all times, even during switching processes in the distribution network. Our BPL system is able to automatically adapt to all conditions and operating modes of the power grid, and this adaptability enables its use in electricity networks with various configurations such as meshed, ring or tree structures.

Based on TCP/IP protocol our BPL system offers a wide range of future-proof applications. Dynamic routing and smart repeaters guarantee optimal connectivity and great flexibility in the installation of entry points.

BPL modems

PPC’s BPL modems enable broadband data transmission on low and medium voltage power grids according to IEEE1901 FFT OFDM Access standard profile.

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Meter integrated modules

Our small BPL modules are designed to fit into standard meters and enable future-proof metering in real-time.

BPL coupler solutions for medium voltage

With capacitive and inductive couplers, our medium-voltage modems are simply connected to the power grid.

Connection kits for low voltage

Our connection kits allow direct connection to the power supply. We offer the right solution for every installation scenario.

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Network Management

Our Network Management System (NMS) enables fast and easy monitoring and administration of BPL systems.