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Our Broadband Powerline communications products

PPC’s Broadband Powerline (BPL) system is adapted to meet the operating standards and network operations of the energy provider whilst maintaining full operation of the power grid. Dynamic switching between the various devices ensures optimal connection quality at all times, even during switching processes in the distribution network. Our BPL system is able to automatically adapt to all conditions and operating modes of the power grid, and this adaptability enables its use in electricity networks with various configurations such as meshed, ring or tree structures.

Based on TCP/IP protocol our BPL system offers a wide range of future-proof applications. Dynamic routing and smart repeaters guarantee optimal connectivity and great flexibility in the installation of entry points.

PPC’s BPL modems enable broadband data transmission on low and medium voltage power grids according to IEEE1901 FFT OFDM Access standard profile.

PPC Rugged BPL Modem


Rugged BPL modems are designed for the tough conditions of LV and MV distribution grids (overvoltage category IV). Their design is made for live line installations. Optional Ethernet (RJ45) and BNC interfaces enable the connection of backbone or MV couplers as well as RTUs or other measurement and control devices.

PPC BPL-Modem 4J


Our new 4J Rugged BPL modems in a top-hat rail housing allow broadband data transmission over low-voltage networks in accordance with the IEEE1901 FFT OFDMAccess standard profile. The modems are intended for installation in the distribution network and in transformer stations (overvoltage category IV).

  • Particularly robust thanks to metal housing
  • Immune to electromagnetic radiation according to EN 61850-3
  • Separate connections for power supply and BPL signal coupling
  • A backbone connection can be created via the LAN connection of the modem
PPC BPL-Modem 4N


Our new Basic BPL modem 4N with an operating voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz has been developed for the installation in transformer stations and street distributors (overvoltage category IV).

  • Compact and cost-effective design allows easy installatio
  • 230 g lightweight housing with protection class IP65 is dust and waterproof
PPC Rugged BPL DC Modem


Designed for data transfer over medium voltage grids, for substation monitoring, and substation automation.

PPC BPL Compac


Compact BPL modems in DIN rail casing have been developed to be fitted into meter cabinets (over voltage category III) for smart metering. Integrated Ethernet, RS-485, Wireless-M-Bus or ZigBee interfaces can easily connect meters of all manufacturers and types.

Our small BPL modules are designed to fit into standard meters and enable future-proof metering in real-time.

Zählerintegrierte Module Landis+Gyr

BPL Module for Landis+Gyr E350

Landis+Gyr smart meters are built with data-driven applications in mind to offer maximum flexibility for future market requirements.

PPC‘s BPL module for the Landis+Gyr E350 connects the meter directly to a BPL communications channel for real-time, bi-direc tional data transfer.

Optional interfaces allow the integration of other metering systems:

  • Ethernet
  • Wireless MBus
  • RS485
Zählerintegrierte Module Elster

BPL Module for Elster

The BPL MCM 4E is a BPL module especially shaped for Elster AS3000 and AS220 electricity meters.

It is made to fit into Elster’s standard communications module casing. The direct connected meter.

Communications modules enable the AS3000 to meet current and future market requirements for smart meter applications.

Zählerintegrierte Module Easymeter

BPL Module for EasyMeter

With the PPC EasyMeter BPL Gateway, each EasyMeter Q3 series becomes a BPL gateway in PPC‘s Broadband Powerline System.

Optional interfaces allow the integration of other metering systems:

  • Ethernet
  • Wireless MBus
  • RS485

On medium voltage power lines Broadband Powerline (BPL) Communications offer a cost-effective platforms for smart grid. Essential component of the Broadband Powerline network on medium voltage level is the coupler unity which transfers the BPL signal of the BPL modem on overhead power lines.

PPC Maxwell Koppler

BPL on medium voltage overhead lines

Until recently, powerline communications on overhead lines was limited to narrow (PLC) bandwidths, only capable of intermittent data transmissions. PPC has developed an outdoor IP67 coupling solution that enables continuous broadband data transfer; bi-directional and in real time on overhead lines of 12kV and 24kV.

Built to withstand the rough conditions of the overhead network, the MV coupling solution is deployed in the field already in three countries achieving broadband data transfer distances many times further than was previously possible, up to 4km, and even further with repeating.

Kapazitiver Koppler

BPL on underground cables

PPC’s capacitive couplers have been developed for the transmission of broadband signals over 12 kV and 24 kV networks, connecting the electricity grid with BPL modems.

Their compact design makes them ideal for use underground, in compact gas and air-insulated switchgears and in substations where space is limited.

Anschlusskits Niederspannung
Our connection kits allow direct connection to the power supply. We offer the right solution for every installation scenario.
ck7x Anschlisskits

NEW: CK7X-series connection kits

Our new connection kits from the CK7X series allow simple and flexible connection of BPL to the power grid via previously unused connection points.

Our Network Management System (NMS) enables fast and easy monitoring and administration of BPL systems.

User Interface Netzwerk-Management-System

Regulation and monitoring

The NMS provides all necessary information and configuration options for the set-up, extension and operation of BPL networks. The NMS is the central platform for continuous monitoring and management of BPL systems and components.

The NMS is available in two versions:

  • Hosted: All updates and systems maintenance are included, and the software is always up-to-date.
  • Installation at users’ site: all updates and maintenance according to the individual support contract.

Advantages of our NMS:

  • Multi-level user and rights management
  • Multi-user capability
  • Automatic integration of all BPL devices
  • Central configuration via client server structure
  • Platform independent with web-based user interfaces
  • Visualisation of network topology and link quality
  • SNMPv3 (encrypted communication)
  • SSL-encryption with HTTPS