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PPC to provide first 10,000 devices to EnBW as German Smart Meter Rollout gets underway

Pioneering the smart meter rollout in Germany

PPC will provide Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW) – keystone devices for German Smart Metering and Intelligent Metering Systems (iMsys) – for an initial pilot in Q2 2017 leading to the nationwide Smart Meter Rollout scheduled to start in Q3. Central to the agreement is the delivery of 10,000 SMGWs, for initial installations by EnBW and its partners. This strengthens the cooperation of EnBW, its subsidiary Netze BW, and Power Plus Communications (PPC).

Head of Meter and EDM Services at EnBW, Jürgen Boda anticipates that “through this cooperation we will further expand our modular offers for both regulated and competitive metering services.”

Left to right: Arkadius Jarek (Netze BW), Ingo Schönberg, Eugen Mayer, Urs Glaubitt (PPC), Stefan Rogat, Joachim Kopp (Netze BW), and Jürgen Boda (EnBW)