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Anschlusskits BPL Modem im Straßenverteiler

Our new BPL modems

Our innovative BPL modems offer custom-fit solutions and ensure data transmission in the Smart Grid – simple, safe and reliable.
PPC BPL-Modem 4J
PPC BPL-Modem 4J


Our new 4J Rugged BPL modems with DIN rail housing allow broadband data transmission over low-voltage networks in accordance with the IEEE1901 FFT OFDMAccess standard profile. The modems are intended for installation in the distribution network and in transformer stations (overvoltage category IV).

  • Particularly robust thanks to metal housing
  • Immune to electromagnetic radiation according to EN 61850-3
  • Separate connections for power supply and BPL signal coupling
  • A backbone connection can be created via the LAN connection of the modem
PPC BPL-Modem 4N


Our new Basic BPL modem 4N with an operating voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz has been developed for the installation in transformer stations and street distributors (overvoltage category IV).

  • Compact and cost-effective design allows easy installation
  • 230 g lightweight housing with protection class IP65 is dust and waterproof

New Connection Kits!

Our CK7X series Connection Kits are safer, faster and more flexible than ever before.

Anschlusskit CK73
Anschlusskit CK71