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Power Plus Communications

Power Plus Communications is a leading provider of data communications systems for Smart Metering and Smart Grids, and a pioneer in Broadband Powerline (BPL) communications. Both Managing Directors Ingo Schönberg (CEO) and Eugen Mayer (COO) have led the company since its foundation in 2001. PPC currently employs around 60 people.

PPC is located in Mannheim, Germany, in a region famous for its tradition of innovation, home to world leaders in the automotive, software and energy industries. Our central location offers direct connection to many European cities and our close proximity to Frankfurt provides easy access for visitors to our Smart Grid Demo Centre.

Digitisation of the energy sector

PPC’s Broadband Powerline technology provides DNOs and utilities with a powerful communications solution enabling Smart Metering and Smart Grids. Our open, standards-based BPL communications technology uses the existing electricity grid itself for broadband data transfer, in real-time, encrypted and Internet Protocol based.

As a pioneer of BPL technology, PPC has an outstanding array of experience and competence at our disposal. This is reflected in our extensive portfolio of projects, carried out in close partnership with renowned utilities network operators. Our BPL systems can be found in operation in power networks throughout Europe and the Middle East, supplying more than 1 million consumers.

Experience and customer satisfaction

Our customers include leading European DNOs and utilities such as E.ON, WPD and EnBW as well as utilities such as MVV Energie AG, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, DEW21 (Dortmund) and Stadtwerke Ratingen. In national and international projects we provided them with technology and expertise that helped them pursue and achieve their communications goals.

We strive constantly to push the boundaries of data communications for the energy industry with the best and newest technology, and to promote this aim we have built a formidable network of national and international partners.

ISO 27001 Zertifizierung

Quality Policy

PPC is able to keep up with the future challenges of the global market for efficiency, quality and economy, through continuous optimisation progammes. Our certified quality management guarantees a high level of product and service quality.

Innovation and research for Smart Grids

Innovation and research are vital to PPC, so we promote and take part in numerous initiatives and research projects like the government-sponsored project SINTEG. The goal of these projects is to make smart homes, smart grids and smart cities a reality, developing sophisticated communications technologies and forward-thinking concepts.

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Our awards

Power Plus Communications has won numerous awards for our innovative products and solutions, including three GB Bullhound’s Cleantech Connect awards, a selected landmark of “Germany, Land of Ideas” and the “Guardian Global Cleantech 100”. We were named as one of the top ten most innovative German companies by the German Chamber of Commerce.

Accepting social responsibilities

In addition to purely economic interests, the need to comply with ethical standards and corporate social responsibility is a high priority for PPC. We take into account the economic, technological, social and environmental impact of our business decisions and actions, to achieve an appropriate balance of interests.

For this reason, PPC has signed the Code of Conduct, drawn up by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association ZVEI.

In choosing a code of conduct, Power Plus Communications has opted for a code of practice with a broad acceptance. The content of the ZVEI code clarifies what has long been standard practice at PPC: the orientation towards universally held ethical values and principals, principally integrity, honesty and the respect for human dignity.

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