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Smart Grids and Communications Systems
for Utilities and Energy Network Operators

Breitband Powerline Vernetzung

Communications for Smart Grids

Our ICT technologies enable Smart Grids, and create opportunities for entirely new business models and innovative customer services.

BPL-Modem Installation

Broadband Powerline Products

Our BPL system is adapted to meet the operating standards and network operations of the energy provider whilst maintaining full operation of the power grid.

Meter Integrated Module

Smart Metering

With our technique any commercially available meter can be used for Smart Metering and advanced meter reading (AMR). We offer small BPL modules designed to fit into standard meters enable future proof metering in real-time.

“We enable Smart Metering and Smart Grids with Broadband Powerline.”

Innovations for the future of the energy sector

We support research and development projects throughout Europe, together with our many partners from academia and industry. The aim of these projects is to discover the technologies, market models and customer solutions that will achieve the smart grid visions and goals of tomorrow.